We provide a full array of investment services designed to meet all our client’s diverse needs.

Our senior professionals are intimately involved in all aspects of our clients' investment programs to ensure that they understand every detail and can deliver the highest level of professional expertise and service.

Services include:

Asset Allocation

Our process for developing asset allocation advice focuses on the evaluation of the specific circumstances that determine the ability of an investment program to support a specific level of investment risk. We offer full asset/liability modeling, not just generic efficient frontier models, which incorporate plan-specific

circumstances and client-specific funding objectives. The primary focus of our process is to analyze the downside risk tolerance of the investment program by stress testing various asset allocation mixes to identify the most appropriate alternatives that will maximize return based on the appropriate level of risk.

Manager Evaluation and Monitoring

Our manager research and ongoing manager monitoring process involves two disciplines: qualitative assessments and quantitative

analysis. It is designed to provide us with an in-depth understanding of each investment manager’s investment philosophy, process, capabilities, resources and product offerings. Our research is completed by the firm’s senior professionals, not junior consultants and analysts. We utilize proprietary analytical screening models to efficiently focus our time and resources. Our research approach maximizes the time we spend evaluating products that have exhibited favorable performance attributes, not meeting with hundreds of managers that have little probability of adding value to our clients’ investment programs.

Asset Class Portfolio Optimization/Risk Analysis

We assist our clients in constructing asset class portfolios that have the greatest potential to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted performance, net of fees. Our approach focuses on avoiding risks that do not have a

high probability of adding value or can be diversified away. The objective of our methodology is to ensure adequate diversification of active manager risk and minimize downside risks that can cause actual performance to trail expected returns. We utilize proprietary optimization and risk analysis tools to design portfolios that exhibit favorable return characteristics, while minimizing risks that are not providing sufficient excess return.

Operational Risk Analysis

Our operational risk modeling is integral to our evaluation of investment programs that are highly influenced by cash flow and short-term operational factors, such as Health & Welfare Funds, Reserves, and Insurance-related Investment Programs. Our process focuses on evaluating and understanding the primary factors that define the cash flow dynamics of a fund to measure the level of future probable stress from the operational perspective of the fund. This approach allows us to ensure that an appropriate level of investment risk is balanced against the level of risk inherent in the operation of the organization.