Strategic Capital Investment Advisors

Expertise – Experience – Independence

Providing investment consulting advice to Institutional Investors

We have developed a unique consulting approach that offers our clients the highest level of expertise, analytical capabilities, and client service available within our industry. The hands-on technology that we have built our practice around allows our senior professionals to very efficiently be directly involved with the work product we provide to our clients.

Our consulting approach is designed to create investment portfolios that have the greatest potential to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns, net of fees. Our expertise and experience allow us to develop investment solutions and modeling techniques that provide uniquely customized solutions that are of significant value to our clients.

We have a proven record of strong performance that is based on one firm-wide investment philosophy. Our clients receive the firm’s best advice based on this philosophy, not advice that is dependent upon the specific consultant that services their account.

We are an independent consulting firm. Our ONLY source of revenue is the “hard dollar” fees we receive from our clients. We do not receive any compensation from any other source.