About Us

Strategic Capital Investment Advisors, Inc. is an independent investment consulting firm founded in 1999. The firm is an SEC registered investment advisor and is 100% owned by employees. We are an independent consulting firm. Our ONLY source of revenue is the “hard dollar” fees we receive from our clients. We do not receive any compensation from any other source. We understand and accept fiduciary responsibility for the services we provide to our clients. We offer both Traditional and Discretionary investment consulting services. We provide specific and clear recommendations regarding all aspects of our clients’ investment programs. We provide a high level of client service and customization of work product. We understand that each of our client’s circumstances, objectives and preferences are unique.

Analysis and management of risk is a primary focus of our work. This focus allows our clients to understand the level and type of risk exposures within an investment program and allows us to effectively manage these risks. We clearly communicate complex investment issues in a way that will best assist our clients in understanding the affect they have on their investment programs and assist them in making the best possible decisions. Our consulting approach is designed to create investment portfolios that have the greatest potential to deliver superior long-term risk-adjusted returns, net of fees. All clients receive the same Strategic Capital investment approach.